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Recommended Books

We've been asked for book recommendations by so many of our clients and associates, that we've decided to add them to our web site. The format will evolve as we continue to add titles, so please be patient. Send us an e-mail if there is a title you have a question about, whether on our list or not.

Data Mining and Data Warehousing Books
Competitive Intelligence Books
Other Useful Titles

Data Mining and Data Warehousing Books

Data Warehousing, Data Mining and OLAP
By Alex Berson / Stephen J. Smith; Hardcover; 612 Pages
Published by McGraw Hill Companies; 9/97; ISBN: 0070062722



Data Warehouse Design Solutions
By Christopher Adamson / Michael Venerable; Softcover; 600 Pages
Published by John Wiley & Sons; 6/1998; ISBN: 047125195X

Lots of business case studies and example designs, covering sales, marketing, financial analysis, etc. Foreward by Ralph Kimball.


Advances In Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
By Usama M. Fayyad / Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro / Uthurusamy; Softcover; 611 Pages
Published by MIT Press; 3/1996; ISBN: 0262560976

An excellent book.


Data Mining Solutions : Tools For Solving Real Business Problems
By Chris Westphal/ Teresa Blaxton; Softcover; 448 Pages
Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; 6/1998; ISBN: 0471253847

An exciting new book providing a practical point of view. We will provide a review shortly.


Predictive Data Mining: A Practical Guide
By Sholom M. Weiss/ Nitin Indurkhya; Softcover; 225 Pages
Published by Morgan Kaufman; 8/1997; ISBN: 1558604030

This book will open your mind with regard to using data mining for decision support. Predictive data analysis for large-scale applications.


Competitive Intelligence Books

The New Competitor Intelligence: The Complete Resource for Finding, Analyzing, and Using Information about Your Competitors
By Leonard M. Fuld; Softcover;
Published by John Wiley & Sons; 11/1994; ISBN: 0471585092

This is the Bible of CI.


Other Useful Titles

Intelligent Databases; Object-Oriented, Deductive Hypermedia Technologies
By Kamran Parsaye / Mark Chignell / Setrag Khoshafian / Harry Wong Softcover; 479 Pages
Published by John Wiley & Sons; 5/1989; ISBN: 0471503452

This book presents the first practical application of neural network technology and databases. It is the foundation for hypermedia, link analysis, and knowledge discovery in databases (KDD). Recommended for anyone trying to understand the mechanics behind KDD.


Information Retrieval : Data Structures and Algorithms
By William Frakes(edt) / Ricardo Baeza-yates (edt); Hardcover; 504 Pages
Published by Prentice Hall; 4/1992; ISBN: 0134638379

This book is a comprehensive guide to information retrieval.


The Secrets of Consulting : A Guide to Giving and Getting Advice Successfully
By Gerald M. Weinberg; Softcover; 228 Pages
Published by Dorset House; 1/86; ISBN: 0932633013

This is a great book; Helpful, true, and entertaining!


Rain Making: The Professional's Guide to Attracting New Clients
By Ford Harding; Softcover; 287 Pages
Published by Adams; 4/1994; ISBN: 1558504206

This book is just filled with good advice on how professionals generate leads, advance and close a sale, and what works and what does not. If we did all the things recommended, we would be rich. Oh, well! Keep trying.


Managing Mailing Lists
By Alan Schwartz; Softcover; 350 Pages
Published by O'Reilly; 3/1998; ISBN: 156592259X

This book includes the basics for Majordomo, Listproc, SmartList, and LISTSERV.


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