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Case Studies

Case Study: Pharmaceutical Market Distribution
Identifying trends in the sale of allergy and cold medication by geographic area by month saved a major pharmaceutical company over $2 million per year by adjusting the timing of allergy and cold medication reaching retail sales locations.

Case Study: Identification of High Potential VISA Cardholders
Analysis of buying habits and trends of potential credit card holders resulted in significantly more than anticipated actually applying for a VISA card.

Case Study: Health Care Demographics
Understanding the geodemographics of the patient community and primary care providers substantiated a community wellness plan for preventive medicine, centrally organized patient information and consultation services, and community health fairs.

Case Study: Blood Product Distribution
For a biomedical equipment company, Nautilus Systems conducted a blood product distribution study. The study resulted in a return on investment of over $500,000 the first year.

Case Study: Data Mining the Northridge Earthquake
The data collected during the Northridge, California earthquake occupied several warehouses, and ranged from magnetic media to bound copies of printed reports. Nautilus systems applied GIS and data mining techniques to organize and analyze collected data.

Case Study: Emergency Information Management System
Design and development of the initial operating capability of FEMA's Emergency Information Management System delivered access to geographic information through several major disasters. Remote GIS capability provides the ability to support multiple disasters with a central GIS team, conserving scarce resources.

Case Study: Federal Building Bombing, Oklahoma City
The combination of munitions data modeling, GPS, GIS, and data visualization provided a better understanding of the dynamics of the blast and aided in identifying high probability survivor zones.

Case Study: Insurance Company Competitive Intelligence Analysis
Mapping the distribution of policyholders to those of the competition provided targets of opportunity for policy sales, identified ways to improve customer service, and provided significant competitive intelligence.

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