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AUGUST 22, 1997


[Fairfax, VA] Nautilus Systems, Inc. announced today that it had been selected by Thinking Machines Corporation (TMC) of Bedford, Massachusetts as a Darwin Consultant.

DarwinTM is a powerful and comprehensive data mining tool suite which has the ability to scale as data and problem complexity grow. Darwin’s multi-technique strategy allows the development of models tailored for specific business goals, such as to predict churn or detect fraud, predict customer behavior, reduce direct marketing costs, or increase market share.

Darwin supports three data mining approaches: neural networks, classification and regression trees, and memory-based reasoning (k nearest neighbor). Darwin also provides graphic display of results for ease of understanding.

As a Darwin Consultant, Nautilus Systems will use Darwin to mine its clients’ data. This will also allow companies that are potential Darwin purchasers to see results from using Darwin firsthand – proving itself on their own data – prior to making a major software purchase. They will also leverage the capabilities of their staff with the assistance of Nautilus Systems’ experienced data mining personnel.

"We are excited about adding Darwin to our tool suite", stated Dr. Jen Louie, Nautilus Systems’ president, "Although we have other tools to get the job done, Darwin is better integrated and more user friendly. This should help with client acceptance."

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