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Getting Started in Data Mining

For organizations new to data mining, Nautilus Systems recommends:

Start Small, But Start Now! The data cleaning and preparation work may be significant, but starting the process will benefit the overall organization as data quality is improved.

Choose the Initial Effort Carefully. Focus on a high priority business problem, but one that has a high potential return for the effort involved.

Consider Outsourcing or Getting Assistance. Nautilus Systems provides not only the assistance of experienced consultants, reducing your learning curve, but the opportunity to get started without a large investment in data mining tools.

Nautilus Systems typically recommends a short study culminating in a report and briefing which covers:

Typical Initial Engagement

1. High Potential Data Mining Projects. This list is prioritized by potential return on investment (ROI).

2. Potential Return for Each Project. This analysis is based on both company and industry experience as well as a preliminary analysis and sampling of the data to be analyzed.

3. Effort Required for Each Project. This includes an assessment of the availability and state of required Data (and Metadata), existing hardware and network architecture, and recommended platform for conducting the data mining.

4. Recommended Pilot Project and Preliminary Project Plan. Let's get started.

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