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Technical Capabilities: Of Interest:
Bullet Data Mining and Data Warehousing
Bullet Web Applications and Databases
(including Cold Fusion, Perl, CGI)
Bullet Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Bullet Artificial Intelligence (Neural Nets, Expert Systems, Genetic Algorithms)
Bullet Competitive Intelligence (CI)
Bullet Very Large Databases
Bullet Large Scale Data Analysis and Statistical Analysis
Bullet Imaging and Document Management
Bullet Diverse Computer Platforms and Networks (including Mainframe, PC, and Client/Server Architectures)
Bullet Database, Query, and Software Development Tools, CASE Tools
Bullet Executive Information and Decision Support Systems
Bullet Networking and Communications (including Internet/Intranets), and
Bullet Computer and Network Security.


Accessible Web Development
Nautilus Systems has completed the website for The Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled. It features searches of the JWOD procurement list for products and services. The site,, was developed using Cold Fusion and ASP and meets government accessibility requirements.

Case Study: Pharmaceutical Market Distribution
Identifying trends in the sale of allergy and cold medication by geographic area by month saved a major pharmaceutical company over $2 million per year by adjusting the timing of allergy and cold medication reaching retail sales locations.

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