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Data Warehousing and Data Mining - Knowledge from Data

Picture of IcebergsThe Tip of The Iceberg
The visible portion of an iceberg only hints at what is hidden beneath the surface. Masses of useful business information also lie unseen, hidden in existing databases most companies already have. Data mining reveals knowledge from that uncharted mass of data.

The Benefits of Data Mining
Data mining is the use of knowledge discovery, pattern recognition, statistical data analysis, and database systems technology to automate the search for information locked up in (typically) very large databases. The radical advances in data mining and data warehousing technologies enable us to alter our fundamental approaches to automation.

Data Warehousing The Data Mining Process How To Get Started

Nautilus Systems applies over thirty years of application development of artificial intelligence (AI), object-oriented technologies, very large databases, and communication networking. Our mastery of these technologies has allowed of to excel in data mining, data warehousing, On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP), geographic information systems (GIS), decision support systems (DSS), executive information systems (EIS), information analysis systems, query and report writing, and networks (including intranets) for delivery.

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